Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Tug

The Tug The world is enticing with all its glitz & glam. Little do most realize its the same as quick sand!
One give and one take can lead to a costly mistake. A mistake my dear that will cause much fear. Hearts will fail men for the future is unclear.
Clear as mud, as its so easily misjudged and soon the lines that were once drawn become distant and smudged.
There is a fierce tone yet full of Love deeply shown; as He gave all for His Love to be known.
To a people confused, lost and bewildered as He took every shame on the height of His shoulders.
Not as dazzling as the worlds entice, but that full of peace in forgiveness and direction defined; as He hung on a tree to save your life and mine.
So what is this tug that this vaporous life declare.... will it be Heaven or hell and who will you meet there?
Heaven far glorious than words can describe as the opportunity awaits to see Jesus face to face.
Or will it be hell, eternal torment resides there. Every want every need will burn forever you see; without hope, without change and a repeat scene of the chance to be free!
Don't fall for the glitz, the bling & the glam or you'll find your soul stuck in the midst of hell's quick sand.
The choice is yours, His mighty hand awaits to set you free from false desires to taste!
So use this life wisely, the time is unknown for we all must stand before the Great White Judgement Throne!