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My Sistas & Worldly Mistas

Y'all don't need them worldly mistas... No one deserves someone that'll dis ya. Forget that mess & leave that alone. Seek out a man that adores that Heavenly Throne.  If you don't heed this advice, your world will be filled with heartache, chaos & strife.  These fellas may seem to have it all, stability, self will & promises things that thrill, but in the end your heart will be left seeking & loveless still.  Empty promises, deep pain & a longing for one who walks with the King will be your reward for choosing one who is spiritually bored.  These mistas, my sistas, will leave your heart in blistas! Abound in the Life Christ has called you into, keep on the narrow road & remember all He's brought you through.  Please heed this advice, think about it and think twice.  There no perfect people, no not in this life, instead of seeking man's love, keep your eyes focused on Christ!  His love is undending, perfect & true. After all, He gave His lif…