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Frustrating 4's and the Father's Love

When my son has his own agenda that goes against what's good for him, he's told "no". When he wants to do something ahead of time, he's told, "not yet". When he defies the rules, he's told, "now you've lost privileges". 
My son is 4, so he rebels in his own way... Often, kicking & screaming or clinging to what isn't good or right at the time. I completely understand why it's called "frustrating 4's" lol! 
Let's look at this from a spiritual aspect. In Christ, regardless of our age or maturity, admit it, we act like my son! Either we want what we want and reject the Lord's leading & correction in love or we accept it, trusting He knows what's best. 
Here's what the Word has to say on the matter... 
"My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction:" Proverbs 3:11
Over and over it is His LOVE that redirects us. Sometimes even giving us a "big kid ti…


Over this last week I've picked, peeled & sliced countless peaches. At times it seemed cumbersome and mundane but from time to time I would grab one from the bowl which seemed absolutely PERFECT! 
By perfect I mean, not a bruise, no evidence of bugs, no holes or even a drop of sap. The coloring was bright reddish orange and as a whole was soft yet firm. 
No more do I cut it in half to discard the pit and behold at the very core was mushy, brown and in some cases, molded! Gross! I might add also, these carried a foul smell from within. Of course, right, because the inside was rotten! 
Thankfully, there weren't many like this. But throughout the process The Lord reminded me of the Scribes & Pharisees... Oh how the outside looked good but the inside, well, detestable! 
"And the Lord said unto him, Now do ye Pharisees make clean the outside of the cup and the platter; but your inward part is full of ravening and wickedness." Luke 
Moral of the story..…

Pleasant or poor representative?

A week or so ago I met a very well kept and seemingly proper and pleasant young lady. Quiet, quaint & reserved but different in some way. At first I couldn't put my finger on the oddity but after being around her a second time for several hours true colors showed through. 
Though she seemed to carry herself quite well she was very dismissive to many (including myself) around her, almost snobbish and judgmental. 
This morning I stumbled across her fb page and the first thing I saw was a Scripture photo. Very cool I thought, but was this a true representation of "who" she is? 
Very true we can't judge a book by the cover but our actions and attitudes speak greater volumes than the words we say and even the Scriptures we quote. Had I not ran across her page, I never would've known she "believes" in God. 
This encounter puzzled me. It really caused me to prayerfully examine myself, my walk with Christ and the way I act, speak, my attitude and my demeanor in…