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The barrenness of busyness

The barrenness of busyness should be banned from the believer's life. I admit, I too have been guilty! Busyness? Yes! It's simply the crime of being too busy. Even in doing the Lord's work. Lately my heart has been heavy and my spirit grieved over these things which are sweeping throughout daily routines and saturating church walls too. Busyness has no limit. While it is a gift to have a servant's heart and a pure desire to please the Lord, it's spiritual rot to forsake time with Him, even for His work. Let's face it though, it's more than His work. What about Christian entertainment!? If we are honest with ourselves, we can see not all who claim Christ are His, right. Therefore it's good to recognize not all things carrying a Christian label bring Him glory. There are countless ways to serve and praise the Lord. Yet, as I explained to a friend the other day and visual portrait like this:      Let's say you have a cup freshly filled and there…