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Bondage, bandaids and breakthrough!

Bondage, bandaids and breakthrough If you're looking to improve the old you, religion just might do.
Honestly, that's just a bandaid, to tell the blatant truth.
Religion is a cleaned up version many resort to like sex, alcohol or drugs, only their leadership dresses a bit better than the thugs.
If you're desiring a new you, none of those things will do!
You can be changed, transformed in many ways, but the only change that stays is being washed by amazing Grace!
Trading in that heart of stone will change that heart and mind, it goes far deeper than a temporary street sweeper.
When you're ready to surrender and let go of foolish blenders, you'll come to see the tempter ain't got a thing on the Creator!
Repentance is a must cuz religion just won't do, politics can't even save you, but leave you feeling blue.
Christ came to set the captives free,
my friend we are all born to sin's slavery.
Will you let Him break these chains of sin, will you let…