Jonah and the garden

A mother's day lesson to remember...

It's that time of year again to plant our garden. I've been a bit like Jonah in that I've not wanted to plant in vain. If my dog and the rabbits are going to destroy it, why go through the efforts of blood, blisters, sweat and tears? See, I've been waiting for my husband to agree to some sort of fencing to help protect it.

Thus morning, while going back and forth in my mind, should I plant or just forget it; the Lord spoke immensely to my heart.

He reminded me of the parable of the seed and the sower. (Mark 4:14-20) The sower still planted despite the enemy, despite the stony ground, despite the wayside because that which fell on good ground was fruitful!

Then He related this to the church... not a building or denomination but those redeemed by Christ! What if we had the mentality that the lost are too hopeless, too mean and too selfish, what if others thought those things about me!? Would I be saved? How can others know Him, His grace, His mercy, His LOVE and His FORGIVENESS if we don't take this time, if we don't cast aside doubt and plant!?

Oh how the enemy rejoices in this and how terribly grievous this is to the Holy Spirit!

So, praise You O God for your merciful dealings with my selfish heart! On this day we celebrate new life and love sacrifices I'll till the ground, plant, I'll water and I'll weed. In due time, I'll reap the rewards and my family and friends will enjoy the fruits of my labors.

What's your attitude about the lost, the gospel and the hard labors it takes for one soul to be saved? Some plant, some water but God grants the increase!

"The sower soweth the word." Mark 4:14


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